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In the process of moving valuables need to be cautious

Valuables need to be careful in the process of moving
in the process of moving goods damaged is normal, this is inevitable, for valuables, however, is not the same, after the injury occurs, often will suffer a big loss, the moving company personnel to remind, move valuables to pay attention to two points in the process.
was stolen. In the process of moving, and items were stolen, is not impossible, especially in such a confused product, small valuable items in particular should pay attention to, like cell phone, jewelry and stuff. This needs attention, it is best to find a reputable moving company.
damage. Electrical damaged has, also can repair repair, so some precious of porcelain, and calligraphy and so on, if damaged has, on bad do has, especially porcelain, precious of porcelain some value tens of thousands of, if fell broken has, injury carved on big has, moved company to to you moved once added only hundreds of block money, if is small of moved company, you feel they will lost you tens of thousands of did? I think most of them would escape.
thus, in the process of moving, moving company in Suzhou pointed out that those small valuable items should be placed in a proper place, and do not turn in any place, for valuable items, but also to do conservation. BACK PAGE