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Moving to industry standards need to be improved

With the improvement of people's living standards, and led to the boom in the property market, thus driving the moving industry, moving companies as well as have sprung up all over, only Suzhou moved there are dozens of hundreds of moving companies, spawned so many moving companies, also makes a mess of the moving industry.
access to members of the Association of consumer complaints, consumer complaints in the process of moving companies mostly feedback high-grade furniture chipped, others moving field workers sat starting at, with different moving companies coordinated prices. What valuables lost during move, suspect Porter of stealing things. Many are due to lack of evidence, it is difficult to claim. Even more annoying, there are some movers even if there is evidence, not compensation. Compensation for some more because prices are too high, and companies are not, a name change to continue opening somewhere else.
moving company reminds those who need to move people, move industry is too messy is on the one hand, because industry standards need to be improved. Need to move people off by this time, you want to find in the moving industry has known, and complete documents of the company, otherwise the problem is difficult to solve. BACK PAGE