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When moving house garage in how to deal with

Moving House is a happy thing, but lots of annoying things tends to overshadow the happy things. Won't say who cleaned Pack a lot of things, say things to deal with it, let lots of moving people vomiting blood, in fact, want to move can help move the industry personnel.
normal circumstances, moving to a new House, all for furniture and appliances, new houses with old appliances, old furniture is always so awkward, the replacement of old furniture and the appliance how to handle the matter. Called a stroller to the roadside to recycle old furniture, appliance vendors, they gave a price estimated to be disappointed, but make you laugh or cry. Do not buy it but have no place to put it.
methods of dealing with these old furniture and old appliances is not, said of moving company in Suzhou, can be given to friends and family, although some old stuff, but there are very few poor relatives, give it to them as a human, not very well, if you really want to change some money, small BACK PAGE