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Face the problem of moving company employees to slack off

Many moving companies face problems similar to one of the more common problem is that the worker has been in the process of moving will be lazy, in Suzhou, for example when we move to smoke, killing time, allows customers to move and so on, which give us a moving company has brought many negative effects, so must face the serious problems to solve problems in a timely manner. If movers lazy issue be resolved, I would like to have some good ideas, I am going to share with you. First: this is the most important thing is to let customers monitor customer, issue timely and contact and give feedback to the company, and the company's first time to criticize employees, this is one of the best and most effective methods. Second: employees Zhijian each other supervision, company in can set a mail, let employees put some on company of recommends wrote in mail in, then by company boss supervision implementation, like xxx workers in moved in the lazy has, put whole lazy of time process wrote in letter in, then voted into mail, each wrote a seal letter can get bonus, such company employees on can each other monitored, such on can reduced lazy, many problem. More than 2 ways, if it runs well, and I am sure that there will not be problems like moving way too lazy. BACK PAGE