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Pregnant women do not move

Today met a very let people scared of things, now wants to wants to I spine also in take cold sweat, today morning of when received one ladies phone said Ah for moved, we so on sent has we of moved team to he for moved, moved master a door see is a pregnant women on immediately called she don't moving to moving to, so of things are by we is responsible for handling, so as not to moving has Taiqi, but this Miss seems to on foreign people is not assured, himself of room must to himself finishing, happened of is he husband and travel has, So only she a a people Pack room, she in Pack anti-between of when, due to box too heavy moved of when a didn't took stability, may also because pregnancy of reasons, then put box hit feet Shang has, we master heard she called has a immediately rushed to has she of room in, lucky of is no met belly, or trouble can on big has, master immediately put she helped to stool Shang rest. Now think of it really is terrible, so pregnant women should never move, or in case something, the consequences would be unthinkable. BACK PAGE