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Winter moved to new home buy plants in the House

After moving a lot of friends sent me some potted plants as a present for me, I also pick up some plants to decorate their new home. So this winter, what should I choose? What kind of plants for indoors?
winter in order to maintain the room temperature does not open the window for a long time, only using the heater in a dry environment. Last night to check some scientific information, studies have shown that people living in relative humidity 40%~60% humidity index for the 50~60 most feels comfortably in the context of. How to regulate the humidity in the House in winter? Maybe you'll unthinkingly said with a humidifier. But why not use the plant to replace the humidifier?
went to the flower and bird market yesterday, listened to the bird market boss about: at home should put some spit oxygen plants to clean the air, recommended me some Kaffir, Cactus plants, plants, are different, some inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen, while others are just the opposite. Such as a cactus plant can exhale oxygen at night, in the fresh air at the same time, you can make the Interior feel wet mild, more suitable for placement in the air conditioning room; big basin of clivia miniata can be placed in the Office conference room or in the living room, directly to adjust the air.
not many people come to buy plants since the beginning of winter, boss introduced the flower market, in fact, in the use of green plants for winter is also very large. BACK PAGE