Scope of business

Taught you how to faster and better to move dorms, moving

First of all, we can prepare a few bags, big bags or cardboard boxes and a roll of adhesive tape or rope. In our mind to have a general classification, and home items in categories, such as clothes, blankets, socks, a category, this category can be mixed in the bag. Which do not usually use clean before packing. Holding "weights small box, big Zoom box" principle. Start classified
in order to facilitate later consolidation, or move the dormitory when students, can be confusing, we can also name, article name, numbered callouts out of the carton. Packing is complete, please be sure to put your name marked on the outside of the box, or tying a cloth or something knew your stuff, a box of a box in the province through your name! Best table name column also labeled, so as not to forget what the box is filled with love. Meanwhile, outside the box number, whether immediately after handling and moving the box missing.
display of boxing don't have gaps. If there are gaps in the box, in the box moves, and cause breakage. If you don't watch out there are gaps, to newspapers as a buffer for fixed items in the box. Preferably one who can carry the weight of the box, cardboard box not too much so as not to move.
there is please bring their own valuables, such as money, jewelry, identity card, bank card, when we move things, and miscellaneous, carry seeking peace of mind. BACK PAGE