Scope of business

Lab relocation


Relocation of laboratories for the Office move, the operator requires more careful, the whole simple process can be summarised in four words---safety first!
laboratory equipment safety; glass security; security of various types of liquid-solid solvent; the safety of all operations staff!
so we moved in the preparation of the first employees have a high level of self-protection, for example radiation throughout the packaging Cap safety glasses or face shields; anti-static clothing worn rubber gloves; special shoes, and so on. Laboratory relocation
a, protection of laboratory equipment.
after packaging is complete according to the label requirements on the outer carton marked "features" such as: liquid, high precision instruments; glassware, and so on.
/> Second, the handling of laboratory equipment protection during transportation, way to go through all the channels in advance, to swerve in and out of the door frame size; freight elevator space between the car and the ground, or level, and so on.
three, and laboratory equipment of speed transport
control speed is on precision instruments best of protection, despite we in packaging Shi has consider of instrument on earthquake of requirements, speed can avoid vehicles urgent brake, we of truck driver is senior driver, can control vehicles in traffic lights Shi smooth through
four, and laboratory equipment of installation debugging
for laboratory equipment of pipeline installation and the line connection not TOP relocation of strengths, but we will tie you all equipment of demolition, Location for the installation of equipment to provide all necessary assistance in order to ensure successful completion of lab relocation plan as a whole!

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